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5 Tips on Hosting the Ultimate Football Saturday

Old Tennessee Distilling Company / Party Hosting  / 5 Tips on Hosting the Ultimate Football Saturday

5 Tips on Hosting the Ultimate Football Saturday

College football playoffs are approaching quickly. Using these tips, you can either end the football season with a bang, or kickoff playoffs by hosting the ultimate football party. 

1. Make your invite list… wisely

It’s important to invite people who know how to have a good time, who are lively, conversational, and fun! If one of your buddies takes every point that the opposing team scores way too personally, or if he screams at the television more than he talks to the people in the room, it’s probably best to leave him off the invite list.

2. Stock your refrigerator

Make sure you have plenty of drinks to ensure no guest goes thirsty. This helps everyone feel comfortable, but it’s also awkward to admit you didn’t buy enough drinks for the game. Either stock the refrigerator with beers and hard seltzers, or make yummy mixed drinks for everyone using some of our flavored Dumplin Creek moonshines. With our 17 flavors of moonshine to choose from, you can match the color of your spiked punch to your team’s color to add character to your football party. And of course, make sure you have plenty of water on hand because the best way to enjoy the spirit of Tennessee is…responsibly. 

3. The typical hosting basics

Make sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper, soap, and a hand towel. Bring in extra chairs so that everyone can sit comfortably. Make sure you get the channel that the game is coming on, or ensure you are prepared to stream it. These seem basic, but when these things aren’t taken care of, it can put a real damper on the mood.

4. Make a playlist

You should always have background music playing at a low volume so that you can turn it up during commercial breaks and halftime. This keeps the mood light and lively and prevents any awkward silences. For Vol games, our playlist includes anything talking about Tennessee and nothing by or about Alabama. Basic rules like this will take you far.  

5. Figure out the food situation

You have three options here: 1. Consult with your guests to make a collective decision about what food to order and split the cost. 2. Do it potluck style. 3. Order and pay for the food yourself. Option number 1 would really only be acceptable if you are close friends with the people you are inviting. Option number 2 can either be amazing or terrible depending on the cooking skills your guests have. Option 3 is very manageable and simple – especially going the pizza route. 

If you follow these tips, your football Saturday party will be a success and you will be the host everyone aspires to be. Come by Old Tennessee Distilling Company before your party to stock up on our booze to fully impress your guests!

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