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A Recipe for Each of Our Cream Liqueurs

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A Recipe for Each of Our Cream Liqueurs

We have officially released our four new cream liqueurs, and they are available for you to purchase. Cream liqueurs are perfect for baking, adding your morning coffee, having a glass on the rocks, or making a delectable cocktail. Our cream liqueurs are sure to make your creamy cocktail the highest quality of all. Take a look at amazing cocktail recipes for each of our 4 new cream liqueurs. 

Blueberry Cream Liqueur

You can call this simple martini the Creamy Blueberry-Lemon. Besides a lemon, you can grab all the ingredients needed to make this drink when stopping by our store right off I-40. You’ll need an ounce of our Tuckaleechee Premium Vodka, 3 ounces of our Blueberry Cream Liqueur, and half of a lemon squeezed. Shake these ingredients together with ice for 30 seconds, and enjoy the perfect evening drink.

Honey Peach Cream Liqueur

If you’re missing summer, this drink is perfect for you. In a blender, mix 2 chopped peaches, a tablespoon of honey, 2 and a half ounces of brandy, and 1 ounce of our Honey Peach Cream Liqueur. Once the mixture is smooth, pour into chilled martini glasses or over ice and garnish with a sliced peach. This sweet drink pairs nicely with sunlight, friends, and family. 

Creme Brulee Cream Liqueur

For this creamy dream of a drink, combine 2 ounces of our Dumplin Creek Vodka, 2 ounces of our Creme Brulee Cream Liqueur, ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 ounce of milk or cream, and 1 tablespoon of your favorite caramel syrup. Add ingredients over ice in an old fashioned glass and give it a stir. This drink makes the perfect dessert, especially if you top it with whipped cream!

Butterscotch Cream Liqueur

This spiked milkshake will make you and your guests fall in love. In a blender, combine 1 ounce of Kahlua, 1 ounce of our Butterscotch Cream Liqueur, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and 2 ounces of butterscotch schnapps. Blend until the mixture has reached your desired consistency, pour into your chilled martini glasses, and sip away.

Whatever delicious and creamy cocktail you’re shaking up, we have the ingredients needed to make your drink a show stopper. Check out the wide array of spirits we have on our website.

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