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National Coffee Day

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National Coffee Day

Coffee. Where would any of us be without it? Honestly, that’s not something we really want to think about. Something we do want to think about is how far the coffee industry, and more specifically the alcohol industry, has come. Sure, coffee gets us going every Monday – Friday, but adding a little cream liqueur takes it to the next level. Let’s go through a few of our favorites and see which one sounds best.

Blueberry ‘N Coffee

This might sound strange right off the bat, but trust us – it’s good. This recipe is also extremely simple. All you need is 2 oz. of our Blueberry Cream Liqueur and 4 oz. of cold brew coffee. Two ingredients. One great cup of coffee. 

Honey Peach ‘N Coffee

Again, this may seem a little bit strange, but we are in East Tennessee, after all. This coffee drink is almost as sweet as all those southern belles that come to visit us. Just add 2 oz. of our Honey Peach Cream Liqueur to 4 oz. of cold brew coffee, and voila, you get a pick-me-up as sweet as soda pop. 

Butterscotch ‘N Coffee

You know those little hard candies Grandma used to pull out of her purse and hand to you, no matter where you were? This is kinda like that. But a lot better. Again, 2 ingredients are all you need: 2 oz. of Butterscotch Cream Liqueur and 4 oz. of cold brew coffee. Give Grandma a sip next time you make this and see which one she prefers. We have a feeling we know which one she’ll pick. 

Creme Brulee ‘N Coffee

If you love ordering creme brulee after a delicious meal, this is the coffee liqueur for you! Tasting just like the fabulous custard we all know and love, this drink will give you the sweet taste you need – without the guilt. With 2 oz. of our Creme Brulee Cream Liqueur and 4 oz. of any cold brew coffee, you will feel like a new person, full of an amazing drink.

Eggnog ‘N Coffee

We realize that fall has just begun, but we’re already thinking about the delicious flavors the colder months bring. That brings one thought front and center: eggnog. Our eggnog coffee mixture is a holiday favorite. Simply mix 2 oz. of our Happy Holiday ‘Nog Cream Liqueur with 4 oz. of your favorite cold brew coffee for a holiday experience that will transform your from the Grinch to the Grinch at the end of the movie. Get it? This will warm your heart in a way you didn’t know was possible.

What’s Your Favorite?

With more than two thirds of Americans consuming at least one cup of coffee each and every day, we realize why this day is so important. At Old Tennessee Distilling Co., we believe that coffee should bring a smile to your face (and a little buzz). That’s why we came up with various coffee liqueurs to provide you with an extra special cup, on weekends or holidays, of course. Stop by and try a few and take your favorite(s) home with you!

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