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National Bourbon Day

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National Bourbon Day

June is a month full of sunshine, beach trips, and drinks with good friends. What better time to celebrate National Bourbon Day than on June 14th? Bourbon and America have a long history together. Here at Old Tennessee Distilling Company, we love our Bourbon, even if it is Kentucky bred. Drinking Bourbon has become a staple of American culture, and before you can celebrate this holiday, it is essential you know the roots of this American spirit.

In the mid-1700s, Scots-Irish settlers in the area that is now Virginia and Kentucky began distilling corn. Elijah Craig, a Baptist minister, and distiller, is credited to be the first to age the Bourbon in charred oak casks, a process that gives Bourbon its reddish color and distinctive taste. At the time, he was distilling “whiskey” and stamped the barrels with their county of origin (Bourbon County) and sent them on a 90-day trip down to New Orleans. The three-month travel time gave the whiskey a smooth, smoky, oaky flavor. When people from New Orleans requested more of “that whiskey from Bourbon,” the name and the spirit were created. Since the 1700s, Americans have gone crazy for the spirit from Kentucky, and Bourbon even got the presidential stamp in 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson signed an Act of Congress that designated Bourbon as “The Official Spirit of America.”

At Old Tennessee Distilling Company, we have two classic bourbons. The Thunder Road 101, a Tennessee straight bourbon whiskey and the Butcher’s Bourbon, which is a prime cut Tennessee straight bourbon whiskey. Try these bourbons in some classic cocktails to celebrate National Bourbon Day!

Thunder Road 101

“When you have a choice, take the 101.”

Try this with an Old Tennessee Distilling Company Old Fashioned!

101 Proof 50.5% Alcohol by Volume

Butcher’s Bourbon

“With a nose that is fruity, with a hint of leather and a taste that is heavy on vanilla with oak tannin, Butcher’s spreads on the entire tongue, with a long, smooth finish and almost no burn.”

Try this with an Old Tennessee Distilling Company Whiskey Sour!

92 Proof 46% Alcohol by Volume

Celebrate National Bourbon Day by coming into Old Tennessee Distilling company and taste test some of our bourbons! We have lots of knowledge of the American spirit, and we would love to help you out. Post your National Bourbon Day celebrations and tag us on our social media accounts!

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Tennessee Frost Moonshine

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